Welcome to Rim Rolls!

Have you ever wondered whether your chances of winning a free coffee or donut really are 1 in 6? Well, Rim Rolls can help you find out! Here you can keep track of your win/loss record with popular coffee cup rims. Your statistics are contributed to a site-wide tally which will let everyone see if the game really does follow the odds.

This site was created for a fairly limited audience, so support is limited. However, anyone is free to join! Simply sign in with your Google Account to get started.


We currently have data for 124 total rollups from 9 different users. Here's what the numbers say so far:

Chances of Winning

Contest Rules: Should be equivalent to 1/6, or 16.7%.
Rim Rolls Total Win Record: 28 / 124, or 22.6%, of rims rolled were winners.

Chances of Coffee vs Donut

Contest Rules: Should be equivalent to 3/4, or 75.0%.
Rim Rolls Total Coffee vs Donut: 23 / 28, or 82.1%, of wins were for a free coffee.